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About Us

AGS Environmental Services are specialists in soil and groundwater testing, monitoring, remediation, environmental site assessments, historical site surveys, hazardous materials / asbestos audits and other industrial and commercial occupational hygiene and environmental matters.

Our team comes armed with a combined experience of over 45 years in environmental consulting and 10 years in mining / geology, ensuring all projects are completed not only professionally, efficiently and cost effectively, but are also expertly tailored to the specific needs of our clients.
With the increase in contamination awareness amongst financial institutions, lenders and the general public, AGS provides a dynamic service that links commercial rigor with strong interpersonal communication. We believe in building trusted and respectful relationships underpinned by open, honest and regular communication. We believe this, combined with our short assessment turnaround times, really sets us apart.
AGS maintains a practical approach to the assessment and management of contaminated land to meet the varied needs of land/building owners and occupiers, prospective purchasers, developers, construction companies, local councils, schools, industrial estates and petroleum distributors. This means our response is reflective to the size of each specific project, delivering maximum efficiency to our clients.
In this economic climate, we recognise financing can be difficult without completed environmental assessments. AGS works closely and cohesively with all relevant stakeholders, including financial institutions and EPA appointed auditors, ensuring a workable outcomes are delivered sooner. As members of the Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association (ACLCA), our clients can be assured of an accountable and high quality of work whilst complying with all statutory requirements.
AGS strives to provide sector leading consultancy services to ensure our clients' above and below ground risks are managed. Let our dedicated staff assist you with your requirements.
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