Stephen Poiesz, BSc(Hons)DipEd
Principal Consultant
Richard Bright, BSc(Hons)
Managing Director

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About Us

Stephen has been project manager for numerous soil and hydrogeological projects throughout metropolitan Melbourne which have included the planning and installation of monitoring wells, soil sampling, hydrogeological interpretations and remediation.


In completing dozens of environemntal assessments, Stephen is able to manage projects in their entirity providing a seemless progression from start-up to project completion. His experience ranges from basic soil assessment projects to treating DNAPL and LNAPL groundwater contamination plumes.


Stephen has also had a number of years experience in dealing with sites containing asbestos, both as fixed asbestos prior to demolition of structures and asbestos debris within soils, typically identified post demolition.  Works Stephen has been involved in include, onsite supervision, the development of management plans, asbestos air monitoring and visual clearances.

Stephen is WPCG accredited.

Chris has been project manager for numerous soil and groundwater assessments around Victoria, including the planning and managing of many environmental projects. He has knowledge and experience in dealing with environmental hazards, including asbestos and environmental contamination.


Chris has undertaken numerous environmental assessments around Victoria, including the project management of a number of sites that have undergone Environmental Audit.


He has sound knowledge and experience in dealing with soil and groundwater contamination, including monitoring, management, remediation and interpretation. Chris strives to achieve desirable outcomes for his clients in a timely and cost effective manner.


Chris Hutton, BEnvSc

Richard has managed numerous soil and hydrogeological assessments across Victoria and interstate His many years spent as an exploration and minesite geochemist in both diamonds and base metals provided a strong fundamental skill set with which to pursue a career in contaminated land consulting.


Richard constantly strives to improve communication with clients to ensure better understanding of a subject that is complex in terms of both legislative requirements and raw science.


Richard maintains a strong client base with repeat customers who appreciate an upfront, competent and pragmatic approach to contaminated land consulting. He is also WPCG accredited for service station work.