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Groundwater Services


Groundwater assessments are typically required where there is considered a risk of contamination, or where there is potential for direct contact with groundwater. Direct contact with groundwater can occur during construction of basements, or where groundwater is extracted for domestic, commercial or agricultural uses.

AGS has the skills and know how to help facilitate your groundwater assessment needs. This can range from trade waste requirements, all the way up to more complex requirements.

Remediation of groundwater may be required where contamination is considered to provide an imminent hazard to human health, where a CUTEP process is to be undertaken or as part of an Environmetnal Site Assessment / Detailed Site Investigation. In such circumstances, a number of factors are taken into account to judge what type of remediation program is to be undertaken. This may involve simple extraction and disposal of contaminated water, or more complex thermal heating and injection programs.

Modelling of groundwater contamination provides a useful tool for anticipating the future extents of  contamination plumes and their potential impacts to off site receptors. AGS can undertake this modelling in conjunction with a groundwater assessment in order to assist in the assessment of potential environmental and human health risk.

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