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Underground Storage Tank Removal


​The storage of fuels, heating oil, chemicals, dry cleaners product etc in underground storage tanks (USTs) are one of the most common sources of potential or realised gross anthropogenic contamination. As part of any on-site remediation works, either as part of an environmental assessment, or performed independently, the excavation and removal of an underground storage tank is vital in assisting the remediation process at the site.


AGS can facilitate and manage the removal of the UST, including the removal of any product remaining in the UST, excavator hire for excavation of the UST, disposal of the UST and the disposal of any residual or impacted surrounding soils. After the excavation of the UST and the surrounding impacted soils, validation sampling is then conducted to ensure that all, or as much contaminated material as far as reasonably practicable has been removed from the excavation, and the remaining in-situ soils are not contaminated with respected to the beneficial use of the site.




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