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Asbestos Services

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At AGS, we provide solutions to the required legislative obligations surrounding the management of asbestos containing materials present within historical building products.  We can offer a rapid and agile response to the following requirements:

Hazardous Materials Audits

Hazardous Materials Audits (commonly referred to as ‘Hazmat’) are required in accordance with Part 4.3 (Division 5 and Division 6) of the Victorian OHS Regulations (2007). These audits identify the presence of asbestos within  a building, structure, ship or plant either for a building register (Division 5), or for areas prior to demolition (Division 6).


Asbestos Identification

AGS can provide asbestos identification works should a material suspected of containing asbestos be encountered during construction works, or should it be required prior to any local or detailed works, such as eave sheets of a residential property where electricians require access.


Asbestos Debris in Soil

AGS can provide hygienist supervision during the remediation of soils containing asbestos debris. The purpose of this supervision is to ensure, that as far as reasonably practicable, all asbestos has been removed from within the soil, and a subsequent visual clearance can be issued.


Para-Occupational Air Monitoring

Para-occupational air monitoring is typically conducted during asbestos removal works in sensitive areas. It is a requirement in accordance with Victorian OH&S Regulations (2007) that it is undertaken during friable, or class ‘A’ asbestos removal works, however it is often strongly recommended that it is undertaken during non-friable, or class ‘B’ asbestos removal works also. The purpose of air monitoring is to ensure that residual airborne asbestos fibres are not present outside of asbestos removal areas during an asbestos removal. It provides a level of comfort to other workers on-site not involved in the asbestos removal, as well as to surrounding properties, and the general public.


Visual Clearance

A visual asbestos clearance is issued upon the successful completion of an asbestos removal and clean-up. The visual asbestos clearance is undertaken in accordance with Victorian OH&S Regulations (2007), which must be issued prior to the reoccupation of the site/area by general trades, contractors, workers, public etc upon the completion of the asbestos removal.


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